Homemade Pectin-Free Raspberry Jam

For our “last” summer weekend way back in 2015, we took a trip to New Paltz, NY to enjoy some outdoor time. After milkshakes and camping and climbing, we spent one of our afternoons raspberry picking at Jenkins-Leuken Orchards.

Jenkins-Leuken Orchards
Jenkins-Leuken Orchards

We had a rough time with our picking at first. There didn’t seem to be many raspberries; but as we moved down the patch, we quickly found ourselves with more raspberries than we could handle.

Jens Picking Berries

“What are we going to do with two pounds of very ripe red raspberries?” we asked ourselves.

Freshly Picked Raspberries
Freshly Picked Raspberries

After eating some, freezing 1/3 and adding some to our ice cream, I finally made some jam. We have tried jam making in the past with strawberries, but it has never been easy. So when I found the simplest jam recipe I have ever seen, I decided to give it a shot. Within 10 minutes I had the freshest most beautiful raspberry jam!

When I followed this recipe from Pam in B.C. on Food.com, I thought it was too good to be true, until I saw the end result. You can’t mess this up and there’s added NO PECTIN!

I adjusted the recipe, but followed the main ratio of 1 CUP BERRIES to 1 CUP SUGAR.

In a normal sauce pan, I mashed 1 Cup of Fresh Raspberries.
I heated the mashed berries until they came to the suggested rolling boil.

Rolling Boil Before Sugar
Rolling Boil Before Sugar

1 Cup Domino Sugar was added directly to the boiling mixture.
I stirred quite frequently (every 30-45 seconds) to keep the mixture from settling or burning to the bottom.
Once the mixture came to a full rolling boil, I set the kitchen timer for 4 minutes.

Rolling Boil with Sugar
Rolling Boil with Sugar

While the mixture boiled, I prepared my jar.
After the timer stopped, I removed the mixture from the heat and placed it into my preferred jar.
Once it was cooled, I stored it in the fridge.

Gorgeous Raspberry Jam
Gorgeous Raspberry Jam

And that was that! Easy as ever!

In this case, 1 Cup Raspberries + 1 Cup Sugar = 13 ounces of Raspberry Jam

Now go make those milk-free pancakes and spread some delicious red raspberry jam on them! 


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